Their clean, modern lines mean that KINDOF pieces seem to float in the air, at once light and solid, and skilfully enhanced with a finish that celebrates the raw material.

The apparent simplicity masks a brilliant idea embodying inspiration, vision and innovation. This is the world of KINDOF, a place of design, creativity, ingenuity, craftsmanship, passion and originality.

KINDOF has taken the steel rod, a raw material designed to live hidden in reinforced concrete, and turned it into furniture to embellish our gardens or bring a hint of industrial design and primitivism into our homes.

A single ribbed steel rod, hand bent and shaped into a 3D KINDOF piece by master craftsmen, results in furniture that is perfectly suited to outdoor use thanks to its technical characteristics and weather-resistance, while also being comfortable. The robust yet flexible seat frame offers exceptional comfort thanks to the shape of the backrest.

KINDOF’s masterful celebration of a recycled material gives it new life in an original, unique form fusing art and design, craftsmanship and expertise. The choice of the raw material, the design of the unique pieces, the shaping rigorously by hand and the finishes which give value and embellishment are the result of effort, study, commitment, care, attention and respect. Sustainability is at the very core of this perfect example of a circular economy, with its use of a recycled material, durability of its products, care for the environment and the work ethic.

Each KINDOF piece embodies design and substance, originality and uniqueness, and is entirely made in Italy. Those who choose a KINDOF piece are choosing a unique piece hand-crafted with care and dedication.

Kind of Furniture SO, Street Ulisse Merini 45, Varese, 21100, Italy
VAT number: 03738410129

Kind of Furniture Sagl, Street Cantonale 8, Mezzovico-Vira, 6805, Svizzera

Productive unit:
Strada provinciale 142, 26867, Somaglia (LO) 

Kind of forniture stabile organizzazione - P.IVA 0373841012 - Via Merini 45, Varese

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