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KINDOF furniture is a celebration of a simple, unrefined material which channels the creativity and originality of the highly artistic design to become a product worked with skill, care and attention to every detail.

In a product of this type, the finishes are vital and highlight both the ribbing and the shaping of the rod. The power of the KINDOF leitmotif, celebrating a material which had until now lived hidden within reinforced concrete, is enhanced by the finishes.

Our KINDOF finishes are applied by our highly-specialised employees in plants that have regulations and certifications on the use of non-toxic substances that are environmentally friendly and which ensure powder is recycled.

Industrial finishes


galvanic zinc plating


This finish involves a preliminary cold ZINC-PLATING treatment. As the zinc-plated product can be used as is, zinc-plating is the first of the possible finishes on offer. The size of the FRATINO designs excludes the possibility of cold zinc-plating treatment and is replaced with an appropriate protective treatment before varnishing.


the unfinished effect showcasing the steel rod in all its beauty

The INDUSTRIAL finish celebrates the natural colour of the steel rod, protecting it with a clear powder coat. It is realized on the natural raw rod bar. The piece can therefore present oxidized (burnished color) or ground or brushed areas (brighter effect) that generate a changing aesthetic effect on each product and not homogeneous with respect to the reference color.

The INDUSTRIAL finish is the only one designed exclusively for interior use.

After zinc plating, powder coating for outdoor use is applied. This forms the basis for the COLOURED and SPECIAL finishes.

COLOURED finishes

12 colours

powder coating for outdoor use

Architect Giulio Ceppi came up with an array of bold colours, along the lines of the Bauhaus and in sync with the KINDOF primitivism. The colours transmit energy and are perfect for the outdoors, as they can be enjoyed 365 days of the year, even only visually.

SPECIAL finishes

Three greys, three cortens and four golds


These finishes are for customers looking for a more elegant, sophisticated style which enhances and embellishes the raw material.

Using more than one product in bright colours led us to experiment with special finishes, offering more balanced colour combinations and a surprisingly sophisticated yet natural, understated appeal. The special finish results in a particularly original and elegant KINDOF piece.

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