Our original pieces with an unmistakable design

The Kindof Originals collection is the core of our catalogue: the furnishing items and complements of this line are all original pieces by Kindof, based on our minimalist design and created bending the ribbed steel rod that is Kindof’s trademark with a special technique.

Kindof Originals includes chairs, bookcases, bookcases, storage units, footrests, tables and much more. The products of this line are perfect for the home, where their minimalism and versatility guarantee a creative and unconventional use, but also suitable to be displayed in public spaces, exhibitions and offices, where they contribute to create a modern industrial atmosphere and give a touch of originality to the whole environment.

Kindof Originals is a combination of minimalism and comfort: the function of the furniture is conveyed exclusively by the force of gravity, without the need of fixing several parts or performing complex assembly operations.

All the items of our catalogue can be customised in terms of finishes, colours and effects and are perfectly suited to be displayed both outdoors and indoors.


Our tributes to the world of design

The Kindof Tributes Collection is a collection of pieces inspired by the masters who wrote the history of architecture and design. Each item is a tribute to an iconic geometry, reinterpreted in the unmistakable Kindof’s style.

The Kindof Tributes Collection includes chairs, armchairs and sofas, all furnishing items that commonly have a homely soul, but are transformed into an elegant and continuous line thanks to the minimalist design and the sinuousity of the steel rod, adding style to any environment, whether domestic or not.

The style does not exclude comfort: the frame of our seats is extremely resistant and flexible, qualities that allow it not only to accommodate the weight of one or more people, but also to ensure exceptional comfort. You can relax, swing, sit and fall asleep on Kindof Tributes seats. Their iron soul has nothing to envy to cushions and paddings!

Kindof Tributes allows you to play with colours: from sharp and strong shades to warm, cold and neutral shades, each colour available in our collection has its own history and unparalleled visual impact, which however never becomes intrusive, because a Kindof element is mainly made of emptiness.


Kindof’s highest artistic expression

The Kindof Art collection comprises a limited edition of art and design objects made by world-class artists. We are enthusiastic to collaborate with [dip] contemporary art, a contemporary art gallery in Lugano to promote a mash-up of elements, with the aim of promoting the combination of different ideas, materials and techniques and of proposing design elements in limited editions that share a single thread: the iron rod.

Kindof Art aims at offering industrial products in different styles, shaping them on the basis of the artistic creativity of its creators, be they designers or artists, while keeping Kindof’s identity and raw material intact.

Kindof Art includes works of art intended in particular for collectors and galleries, but definitely usable by anyone, as functional, unique and sustainable objects, true to all Kindof products and identity.

Canevari for Talli

Paolo Canevari lives and works in Rome. Born in Rome in 1963 to a family of painters and sculptors, he is one of the most world-wide acclaimed artists of his generation.

Canevari’s work is rooted in the reflection on the transience of art and the meaning of sculpture within the contemporary social context. Questioning the value and origin of the most intimate aspects of memory, the artist develops a personal language where symbols, pop culture, historical and political consciousness overlap in a reinterpretation of everyday life.

Canevari uses different means and materials, from sculpture to drawing, installation and video.

Canevari’s work and research, which perfectly blends with Kindof’s philosophy, are the foundation of the first Kindof Art creation. In collaboration with the artist and the [dip] gallery, we have created Canevari for Tallia limited edition of the Talli armchair, launched during of the Milan Design Week 2018, and presented to the public in the spaces of Ventura Future 2018, a new format of the section of Fuorisalone dedicated to independent and interdisciplinary design.

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